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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

The New Year And The Resolution

I'm going to make this attainable for me, but stretch myself out of years of laziness and undisciplined living to try and really kick off this year as a New Era of my life, and the first chapter of real tangible personal and spiritual changes, as well as having matured as an adult, in a while.

1 - Read through the entire bible for the first time EVER using the "The Discipleship Journal Bible Reading Plan" plan. - (
2 - Read at LEAST 1 book a month, but the more the better.
   a - Reread Augustine's "Confessions".
   b - Read Athanasius "On The Incarnation".
3 - Give up at LEAST one day a quarter to serve at a food kitchen or homeless shelter.
   a - Start to develop contacts and meet people who are intentional about helping the poor and destitute with the goal of putting tangible hands and feet to the gospel.
   b - Try to make visible relationships with those in need in order to show them a picture of Christ.
4 - Be more intentional with friendships and family.  Be more intentional in finding out ways to help and pray for friends and family.
5 - Blog at LEAST once a month.
6 - Be out of all non vehicle related debt and have a considerable portion of my vehicle related debt paid for.
7 - Have both an emergency fund and a savings account with a certain amount of funds available in each (certain people will know specifics, and I will approach you in that case about that).
8 - Officially and finally start my college education.
9 - Start to eat out less and cook more food again.
10 - Create a homemade Pumpkin pie from scratch!

Feel free to check up if you so desire.  This is a new year, and we shall see if it is a life changing year.  I am hopeful it is.  :)

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  1. Good for you, man! And we'll help with the pumpkin pie, well, at least J will... :D